Issue 29 - Maximise

Issue 29 - Maximise

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Limited Edition 

MAXIMISE | Stretch Yourself

A chapter in human history seems to be coming to an end. Looking at the current state of world affairs, it would seem that there is only a minimal chance our terminally ill economic system and its ways will ever get back on its feet.
For many, these times have served as a wake-up call. At last. For us at Sublime, they are an opportunity to push higher up the agenda all that we have been about over the last five years: stewardship, social responsibility and cooperation. It started as quiet roar, a slow trickle, and now there’s a rushing tide rising.
As an independent business, we cannot escape the hardships of the financial crisis. But we did not walk into publishing to exploit some green trend with yet another repackaged consumerist idea. (If we had wanted to make money, sustainability was certainly not the big-seller subject for a lifestyle magazine!) ‘Now it is time to start again’, our launch motto proclaimed back in 2006. Sublime was born out of the realisation that the system we were living under was not satisfying to anybody – either the needy or the wealthy.
From here on in, we will need to do more with less, and be clear about our priorities, our responsibilities and our constraints. The times ahead will require that our resources be allocated effectively and efficiently to see us through to a new societal model. We need to be prepared, resilient. Challenging times can prove to be fertile ground for positive change. Our brief as media is to keep supporting those who are bringing about transformation: individuals and companies pioneering noble, revolutionary ideas and new concepts of living that empower rather than enslave.
Maximise is about making the most of life, all these things considered, and our hope is that we motivate you to do just that.

Laura and Damian Santamaria
Editorial Directors