Three Reconciliation Candles

Three Reconciliation Candles

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Product description:
This 300g candle is vegan, natural, sustainable, plastic-free and guarantees 92 hours of burn time – perfect for shedding some light when winter nights feel almost never-ending. We use only unleaded organic cotton wicks, and natural fragrances.

You will receive one luxury scented candle, hand-crafted in Lombardy, Italy. The candles are made using purely vegetable waxes, respecting the local artisan tradition and zero-carbon production.

Amber - warm, musky, rich and honey-like; somewhat oriental and earthy.

Sleek, black glass container, reusable and/or recyclable.

Each candle is packaged in an innovative cardboard display box. Adding class to the candle, it also ensures the set is plastic-free and recyclable.

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