Issue 13 - Pure

Issue 13 - Pure

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Few people talk about purity these days; it somehow seems too high a moral concept to entertain. Perhaps it’s because we equate purity with perfection.
For us, pure means real. It’s funny how we seek for purity in the things we buy – wool or water, for example – and we certainly attribute a greater value to goods when they are pure. But when it comes to our own lives, we are quick to compromise.
To see purity as an essential human quality is our challenge. We are not talking about innocence lost, but about honesty, transparency and trust: a way to live simply. This is something we need more of, these days.
It’s when we go through difficult times that we rediscover what really matters to us. Somehow we are awakened to a new level of understanding, and we become much more focused in life, and in ourselves, than we were before.
This issue is an opportunity to appreciate the real values on which our life rests. A time to reconnect, to find our identity beyond what we consume, to keep what is essential for the years to come.

Laura and Damian Santamaria
Editorial Directors