Issue 15 - Renew

Issue 15 - Renew

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RENEW - Look again

In the last few decades we have been under the illusion that life is about competing to obtain more than we already have. Such an insatiable appetite has led to continual dissatisfaction and, worse still, an inability to enjoy our own achievements.
It is not surprising that increasing numbers of people are now calling time on over-reliance on the current financial system. However, rather than being bitter, there is an emerging response that reveals our natural resourcefulness in the face of adversity.
Whether it is taking control of our lives by growing our own vegetables, sourcing second-hand or recycled furniture and clothes, repairing and reusing, passing down instead of throwing away, or maintaining our houses in a sustainable way – we are now discovering that the effect of such actions undeniably lead us to a more rewarding life experience.
There is more to the ‘make do and mend’ philosophy than just rationing: re-engaging with the process of production of the things that we own provides an opportunity to lead a more creative and fulfilling way of life. By coming off the hamster wheel of our consumption-led lives and simplifying, we are finding true satisfaction.
In this issue we focus on what we do have and how to make the most of it. We want to reassess, revalue, replenish and enjoy – having at last realised that it is not by acquiring goods that we achieve real happiness.

Laura and Damian Santamaria
Editorial Directors