Issue 16 - Wisdom

Issue 16 - Wisdom

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Limited Edition 

WISDOM - Think with your heart

Wisdom is composed of two elements: knowledge – the accumulation of information, and virtue – the will to do the right thing.
A wise person uses not just their brain, but also their heart. 
They stick to the rules, but they are able to improvise around them. They are part of the system, but do not necessarily live by its values.
Today, wisdom has become indistinguishable from knowledge. We worship data in all its variants – education is about exam results; politics is about statistics; the economy is about profit and media is about ratings. Our society has become a monster with a big brain and a tiny heart, and we are stumbling.
Information on its own is not enough to do good, and knowledge that cannot be applied practically to everyday life is trivia. Despite all our brilliance, we remain uncommitted to tackling the big challenges in our world – poverty, war and climate change.
We need to regain a balance between knowledge and virtue, to act responsibly and to apply our knowledge for the common good.
Now that we know, we need the will to do the right thing.
As George Bernard Shaw said: ‘We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future.’

Laura and Damian Santamaria
Editorial Directors