Issue 18 - People of Hope

Issue 18 - People of Hope

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PEOPLE OF HOPE - The rise of a new generation

Our generation is responsible for the vital transition to sustainability. Doomsayers doubt we will be able to make it in time, and it is true that a wider awareness has just dawned on us in the last couple of years and that we are not moving as fast as we need to. But all the cynicism coming at us from the media does not account for the huge number of individuals around the world who are taking up the challenge.
A non-conformist generation is on the rise, aware and concerned, eager to realise peace, social equality and a solution to climate change. Whatever age and from whatever culture, these people are unintentionally united in their efforts towards the transformation of society, its economic systems and life’s very fabric. With each doing their best with what talents and resources they have, they are working with shared values and goals in mind, all heading in the same direction. Where others see gloom and doom, they are excited by the opportunity to rediscover, to reinvent, to rebalance.
These are the ‘people of hope’, working against the grain to bring about transformation. Their reward is not only the hope of building a better future but a regained sense of purpose and meaning in their own lives.
With this responsibility that we all now share, our generation has a unique opportunity to be united in a common goal as the ‘change-makers’. If we count ourselves part of the ‘hope’ generation, then we must stand for change. Hope can set this in motion, to start engaging, and to speak loud enough to ensure that we make it happen.

Laura and Damian Santamaria
Editorial Directors