Issue 19 - Originate

Issue 19 - Originate

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Limited Edition 

ORIGINATE - Making it yourself

How can we break free from our dependency on an outsourced lifestyle? Society has come to accept this modern phenomenon without question, making itself vulnerable by over-relying on a volatile economic system. If only we would remember that no matter how standardised we might have become on the outside, inside every human being is unique, and able to contribute different skills and talents to the marketplace.
The time has come to realise our individuality; to produce, as well as to consume. We need to start implementing sustainable models of living, and to invigorate our local economy into the kind of market that reflects a healthy relationship between natural habitat and man-made goods.
It’s not about isolating ourselves from the outside world, or utopian self-sufficiency, but about encouraging different cultures to create unique products to trade with and respecting their true value.
What is most essential in order for a new economic model to work is to teach the younger generations the necessary trades and skills, to equip them with the tools they need to devise a better future.
If we dare to make the leap from dependence to interdependence, we will be building a sturdy platform for a more rooted, sustainable and meaningful way of living. We hope this issue will get you going.

Laura and Damian Santamaria
Editorial Directors