Issue 24 - Fraternité

Issue 24 - Fraternité

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Limited Edition 

FRATERNITÉ – Humanity is one

If we are to build a sustainable society that offers opportunity to all, it is essential that we extend our tribal perception of the world – the one we learned in a classroom, that has imaginary political divisions –
to a wider view of the world as ‘the pale blue dot in the vast universe, the home of the great human family’, as Carl Sagan put it.
In an age of individualism, the challenge is to replace ‘me’ with ‘we’. It’s a process that will require us to make a choice to be both free and responsible, and to care as much for the needs of others as for our own personal needs.
Globalisation has inevitably and inextricably linked us together. The more complex and globalised the world grows, the more interdependent we become, and so our sense of fraternity needs to expand beyond the tribe to embrace all of humanity. Let us develop a society where we are more kind and compassionate towards one another, leaving behind our differences and building clever, strong social structures that will enable everyone to thrive.
We wish you well for 2011, and we would like you to join us in replacing greed with solidarity; the glorification of celebrity with the celebration of an elite with ethics; the exaltation of nations with a world without borders, and the prosperity of the few with a world of liberté, egalité and fraternité.

Laura and Damian Santamaria
Editorial Directors