Issue 26 - Naked

Issue 26 - Naked

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Limited Edition 

NAKED | Reveal Yourself

When a magazine’s sales drop, it’s common practice to use sex as a tool to attract attention. Whether it’s discussing some celebrity’s sex life or bluntly revealing more skin, everything is valid as long as it boosts retail. We all know that sex sells, but any argument against this notion is almost unheard of within the magazine and media industry.

Sex, money and celebrity are the three pedestals on which mainstream magazines currently stand. When we started Sublime five years ago, we set out to challenge this convention by basing our publication on the somewhat more opposing principles of integrity, respect and interdependence. And since there’s already enough out there to appeal to our instinctive, competitive selves, we decided to concentrate our efforts on telling those stories that are empowering and positive, and that reinforce a sense of community.

Living in such a competitive culture, we are constantly being pushed to stand out in order to survive. We invest a lot of our time and money in creating a persona that is socially acceptable, hiding our vulnerabilities and weaknesses away, and promoting whatever it is that will gain us popularity, attention and acceptance.

The paradox is that, by clothing ourselves with these protective shields, we also cut out opportunities to connect with others at a deeper level, and so experience the happiness and fulfilment that comes from being known for who we truly are, free from any pretence.

This is the form of nakedness you will find in the pages that follow. Not the provocative kind, but one that reveals our inner core. As someone once wrote, ‘Eros will have naked bodies; Friendship naked personalities’.

Laura and Damian Santamaria

Editorial Directors