Issue 27 - Regeneration

Issue 27 - Regeneration

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REGENERATION | We Can Have It Better

Here at Sublime, we thought there couldn’t be a better way forward than sustainability as an answer to our global problems. The word ‘sustainable’ implies running things without further depleting resources that can never be replaced, and generating enough to keep us going without damaging what is already in existence. As such, we believed it to be the most relevant, common-sense principle to abide by if we were to ensure the continuation of humanity.
But that was until we found a more natural, graceful and honourable concept: regeneration. In that instant, we pictured a world of opportunities. Whereas sustainability is about keeping things steady – which is no bad thing – regeneration goes a step further, because it carries with it the force of creation.
Regeneration is about putting right what we did wrong, as a community and as a human race. It gives us the chance to recreate, reconstitute especially in a better form or condition. It allow us to revive or produce anew and to bring into existence again that what was lost. It represents new growth, organic integration and renewal.
In the making of this issue, we have had the chance to meet and talk to some outstanding people, who are passionate about providing opportunities for a new and improved version of meaningful living. From the work of politicians to town planners, scientists to artisans, we are seeing multiple small regenerative systems that, put together, will result in a strong structure planted within the fabric of our society. A structure that will reinstate the sense of purpose, connectedness and livelihood that has almost vanished from our lives. And the exciting thing is that these leaders in regeneration are not just putting things back to where they were, but building on the old foundations, they are seizing opportunities and reinventing them.
Always striving to produce the best, from now on at Sublime we’re going to be busy regenerating rather than sustaining. Because without regeneration, we cannot even start to imagine a sustainable world.

Laura and Damian Santamaria
Editorial Directors