Issue 4 - The Water Issue

Issue 4 - The Water Issue

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Lonce had a conversation with a mother who quite proudly announced that she didn’t agree with the idea that children should learn to share. ‘That’s not what real life’s like, she said. ‘I don’t share my seat at the cinema halfway through the movie, or my lunch at the office …’ Quite sensible and honest though that might have sounded at the time, it is for me a clear sign of the root of the problem of our times.

We live in arid times, and it’s not going to get any better. It’s no news that our most precious natural resources are limited and that we haven’t done much of a good job of looking after them.

There are no easy solutions to global problems such as the management of water, but in an era where we have the means, the technology and the power, what seems to be really scarce is the dialogue, the understanding and the willingness to work in a spirit of collaboration in order to find the answers we need to make life possible for everyone on this planet.

But isn’t the race for survival just nature’s way? Well, we can either walk through life focusing constantly on what we need and what we want, or we can perhaps – even if not all the time – do what would make somebody else happy, and for no more than a smile in return. Just imagine where we would be if we were to reproduce this model in bigger scale …

Some of the things some of us take for granted are for others a necessary preoccupation in order to keep themselves alive … But often we don’t realise the value of what is dear to us until we’ve lost it.

Let’s work together to leave what we were given in a better state than the one in which we found it for the generations to come.

Laura & Damian Santamaria
Editorial directors