Issue 9 - Innovate

Issue 9 - Innovate

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Limited Edition 


Historically, innovation has been associated with the kind of progress that benefited humanity as a whole. But for the last few decades, innovation has become the corporate driver for achieving financial growth, with no thought given to whether real progress has been made, or not.

Innovation has the capacity to reinvent our lifestyles and increase our choices; yet it may not be technological innovation alone that will solve our present global problems. We must seek to gain a broader view.

On the production lines of the 1940s and 1950s, form was following function. In the 1980s, glamour and luxury were the order of the day. Having filled the world to the brim with novelties, the brief has changed. Now sustainability has to be added to the mix. It is no longer realistic to continue with the kind of lifestyle to which we have grown accustomed: we need innovation to bring about radical change.

What will that change look like? Good ideas still exist. The targets have been set. The market is ripe. It’s time to shift the investment capital and political will currently backing innovation for growth alone to supporting ideas that will move us forward.

In this issue, we celebrate the actions of the people who are doing it rather than talking about it. We hope you will be inspired to become part of inventing a new future.

Laura & Damian Santamaria

Editorial directors